aBrigitte, vinho rosé refrescante

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12 aBrigitte

Our complete kit with 12 bottles of aBrigitte rosé.


Product Information

General information

Subtle layers of lychee and grapefruit.
Alcohol content: 8.5%
Ideal temperature for consumption: 9°.
Size: 7x7x31
Weight: 750ml
Size in box: 60x40x82
Weight in box: 7,386Kg



Muscat and Alicante Bouschet grapes



Perfect to pair with cheeses and cold cuts, pasta, white meat, Asian cuisine and seafood. With a fruity flavor, the ideal temperature for consumption is 9°, it is recommended to consume two ice cubes!


Viticulture and Oenology

Acidity: 0.659g/100ml
Relative density: 20°/20° – 1.0372
Country of origin: France
Packaging: 750ml


Tasting notes

Color: Salmon with pink reflections.
Aroma: Fresh, with notes of white flowers, citrus fruits, lychee and grapefruit.
In the mouth: light, fresh and fruity, balanced acidity and persistent finish with hints of fruit.


Shelf Life

Product guaranteed until consumption, provided that it is kept with its original seal, in a cool, dry place, protected from light and, preferably, in an upright position.


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